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East-West Corridor: Georgia to play viral transit role connecting India to Europe

Friday, June 9
Georgia, Azerbaijan are teaming up to launch a new international corridor South-West Transport Corridor for transportation of transit freight.

The new corridor envisages transportation from the Persian Gulf and India to Europe.

Railway authorities from Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iran gathered in Georgia’s capital of Tbilisi to discuss the new railway project South-West Transport Corridor whose main advantage is the reduction of the distance and delivery time two or threefold, as compared to other alternative routes, which provide cargo transportation within 30-40 days.

“The project is very important as it links two big economies with he fastest route. The project will increase cargo turnover on Iranian, Azerbaijani and Georgian railways,” said Levan Sulaberidze, Director of GR Logistics and Terminals, a full subsidiary of Georgian Railway.

Meanwhile, the chairman of Azerbaijani Railways, Javid Gurbanov, said that cargo turnover between Europea, Pakistan, India and Iran is not large ,and the Corridor has huge potential in this regard. (