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Interior Minister announces changes

By Messenger Staff
Monday, June 12
Last week, Interior Minister Mgebrishvili fired his first deputy Besik Amiranashvili, and stressed he would personally reorganize the police.

He stressed that the changes “would increase the effectiveness” of the police.

“From now on, I will reorganize all the departments of the criminal police both in Tbilisi and in the regions, as well as the central criminal police department and the patrol police,” Mgebrishvili said.

He stressed that his personal involvement in the activities of the criminal and patrol police would provide better outcomes.

He also announced Tbilisi will have more patrol police crews in the near future.

He did not specify the number but stressed the increase was the part of the reform in his ministry.

The current number of police crews in the capital city is 116.

The Minister also said all officers of the patrol police would undergo a mandatory training course and after the completion of the course they would have to take qualification exams.

Mgebrishvili said the training would be held at the Interior Ministry Academy and would cover theory, tactical studies and practical exercises.

It is welcome that the police will undergo special trainings, but it will be interesting how many policemen will fail to pass the qualification exams, and then whether they are fired and if they be replaced or not.

Introducing the patrol police was one of the biggest achievements of the United National Movement government, and the attitude towards the system from the both the government and the public directly affects its effectiveness.

The previous leadership eventually blundered when they gave too much power to the police, and ignoring crimes committed by policemen was an ssue that NGOs frequently mentioned.

The situation is different now.

Several policemen told The Messenger on the condition of anonymity that under the current authorities they do not feel they respect they once did and are unhappy with their salaries.

They mentioned a 'lack of motivation'.

They added that they were also unhappy with Mgebrishvili’s activities, accusing him of firing professional staff and creating of unnecessary departments for his people.

They also mentioned Mgebrishvili’s very frequent foreign trips.

Keeping a distance and balance between the police and the Government is essential.

Giving too much power to the police coupled with a lack of respect from the government are equally damaging for the safety of Georgia's people.