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Parliament cares air pollution

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, June 14
The Parliament of Georgia has already drafted a bill that will abolish import VAT for motor cycles, quadrocycles, mopeds, and those working with electric engines, to help promote clean technologies and reduce air pollution.

“The decision will also reduce noise. Most transport in Georgia currently works on petrol and diesel, which damages the environment,” the head of parliament’s Environment Protection and Natural Resources Committee, Kakha Kuchava, said.

He stressed that supporting clean technology was one of the obligations taken by Georgia through the Georgia-EU Association Agreement.

Kuchava said the Government of Georgia has already freed the import of electric cars from excise and import fees.

Georgia urgently needs steps to reduce air pollution, and the proposed measures alone will not be enough.

Many Georgians are interested in the quality of fuel Georgia receives, as people have to pay high prices.

Many believe that the country is a market for very low quality fuel which is subsequently sold at a very high price.

Herewith, streets in the capital city are overcrowded, mainly with outdated cars that have a damaging impact on the environment.

In order not to lose votes, each state government refrains from obligatory technical checks of vehicles.

In addition, most public transport also damages the environment.