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Fuel Costs of Budget-Financed Organizations Exceeds 53 million GEL

Thursday, June 15
According to the state treasury, expenditures on fuel/lubricants in 2016 made up 53.495 million GEL, down 7.879 million GEL year on year.

This information is listed in a report by the State Auditing Service. This report covers the 2016 state budget fulfillment. At the same time, the report asserts that real expenditures are higher.

“It should be noted that the mentioned article does not fully reflect total amount of expenditures spent on fuel, because fuel costs in case of certain budget-financed organizations are financed from the part of 'All Other Expenditures' and the treasury report does not reflect separately expenditures taken from this article.

“It should also be noted that fuel limits are not determined on some vehicles and this factor complicates the planning of due expenditures on fuel,” the report reads. (