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No residential complexes at Mziuri Park

By Tea Mariamidze
Monday, June 19
Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania denies information that residential complexes will be built at the area of the Mziuri Park in the center of the capital.

Narmania says that the City Hall aims to transform the territory into a recreation zone.

“A recreational space will be arranged at Mziuri Park territory and the construction works will be launched from the next month,” the Mayor stated.

However, despite the Mayor’s plans, a construction company has not been selected yet.

Narmania claims that the concept of the recreational zone has already been prepared, adding that a tender will be announced in the near future.

He noted that the cost of the project is about 3 million GEL and it envisages the further greening of the Mziuri area, planting trees and the arrangement of children's space.

Moreover, the Mayor added that after Tbilisi Zoo moves to the Tbilisi Sea territory, Mziuri Park and the old zoo will be connected by a bridge and the territories will make up a joint recreation zone.

The flood of the June 13 2015 killed 21 people and leaving hundreds homeless.

The park was first rebuilt to its original state a month after the flood using a €10,000 donation from the Estonian government.

As for the Zoo, nearly 300 of its animals were killed in the June 13 disaster. The lower part of the Zoo was completely destroyed where cages and infrastructure were crushed or washed away, while in the upper section the higher land fared less damage and the animals were out of harm’s way.

After intensive repair and restoration works, Tbilisi Zoo is now operational again. The central city animal park is now home to new animals donated from other foreign zoos.

After the Zoo is moved to a new territory, near Tbilisi Sea, the place is promised to be one of the best green areas for animals and visitors.

With its 48 hectares, it will be six times bigger than the zoo that was devastated in the June, and the new Tbilisi Zoo will be one of the largest in Europe.