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Majority says constitutional monarchy ‘isn’t a bad idea’

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, June 20
Georgia’s Patriarch Ilia II has declared that Georgia had been run by monarchs for centuries, and it is worth the country considering becoming a constitutional monarchy.

The idea was applauded by senior members of the Georgian Dream majority and rejected by the opposition, calling the model “outdated and not relevant for modern Georgia.”

“Georgia is a very old country, with a very old culture. Georgia is also a country with very deep monarchic roots. Thank God we had been run by monarchs. It is very frequent in the modern world when countries have monarchs who have no real powers. Of course, this won’t happen today or tomorrow, but we should analyze the past, the present and the future,” the Patriarch said, and added such a model could 'provide peace'.

Parliament Speaker Irakli Kobakhidze and one of the leaders of the Georgian Dream majority Eka Beselia stated this was a “very interesting idea, worth discussing.”

Meanwhile, the opposition was critical of the proposal.

“The monarchy can’t and won’t be restored, as there is no need for it in the country. There are a range of problems that must be settled rather than focusing on the issue,” one of the leaders of the European Georgia opposition, Gigi Ugulava, said.

Nika Rurua, a member of the United National Movement opposition, stated “despite his respect” to the author of the idea, the county mustn’t restore the “outdated system.”

Georgia had been run by the Bagtarioni dynasty for many centuries. Many members of the dynasty now live abroad.

Those countries which have monarchs now perfectly use the system from a touristic perspective.

It is unlikely that in Georgia, which failed to keep its monarchy, a restoration of the royal family will assure peace.

However, it is possible that re-introducing the system could cause significant expenses, which would outweigh any positive outcomes.