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Decease Control Centre warns people about insects in summer

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, June 22
Georgiaís National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has released a special statement in which they voiced several recommendations for people to defend against insects and contagious diseases.

The Centre especially focused on the threats caused by ticks and mosquitos.

NCDC official Paata Imnadze announced that the Phlebotomus mosquito was particularly dangerous in the season, as it spread leishmaniosis, a parasitic disease that can affect internal organs and become fatal.

Imnadze recommended parents not to walk their children in the late evenings and wear bright clothes in order to quickly see any insects.

He also stated that using a protecting net was important.

With regards to ticks, Imnadze said that they can spread various illnesses and people should be cautious when they walked in the nature.

He said removing an insect by hand is not recommended, in case the insectís legs remain on the skin.

Imnadze stated that the use of pincers or a similar object was the best decision, as well as using water to clean the place where a tick landed and then applying antiseptic solutions.

He also appealed to people to drink about two litters of water daily in the summer to avoid the negative influences of the sun.

Every year in Georgia there are concerns over diseases spread by insects.

Western Georgia is particularly at risk in the summer time, as the area is famous for mosquitos.

There are also large numbers of mosquitos in the seaside areas in the countryís west.

The Government takes steps to avoid the diseases spread by insects every year, but people remain careless.

It might be that the reason of this is a lack of information, as television generally allocates little time to such issues.

More campaigning about the topic and the better informing of people would reduce the number of contagious illnesses spread during the summer.