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Police announces more smart cameras and contactless patrolling

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, June 29
Georgia’s Deputy Interior Minister Shalva Khutsishvili says that about 3,000 smart cameras will be installed in cities and regions in order to reduce the number of traffic violations.

He also states that the ministry will introduce contactless patrolling in the areas were more road accidents take place.

Khutsishvili announced that the installation of the cameras, which can detect violations at a long distance and identify drivers, will start at the end of July.

“Step by step we will install the cameras in all regions of the country,” Khutsishvili told IPN.

Khutsishvili stressed that the cameras will not only make drivers slow down only at the areas where the cameras are placed, as the cameras can detect violations and speeding in a longer distance.

The Deputy Minister also stated that contactless patrolling would be introduced in 10 locations at the first stage, from this year.

“The initial locations for contactless patrolling will be Tbilisi, Batumi and the Kutaisi bypass road,” the Deputy Minister stated.

Contactless patrolling refers to employees of the Interior Ministry who drive disguised as civilians.

However, the vehicles have special equipment to detect violations.

“The initial locations for the contactless patrolling will be the places where most road accidents are recorded. The advantage of the contactless patrolling is that a driver never knows where a patrol officer can be and he/she is always cautious and refrains from violating traffic rules,” Khutsishvili says.

The Deputy Minister said that drivers would be informed about the locations of the cameras through a special Georgian-English information board.

Khutsishvili also said that the fee for the driving license exam may be a “bit increased” either in this autumn or from the next year, as practical exams take place in the streets and carry certain risks.

The country really needs tough regulations to prevent accidents.

However, the Ministry will also need to increase its patrol fleet and re-train its employees for a better service.

The patrol police still enjoys high popularity ratings in the country and this respect must be retained and taken to higher levels.