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Tbilisi Hosts Women in Business Forum

Friday, June 30
BUSINESS GEORGIA and Bank of Georgia organized Business Forum “Women in Business”.

The event’s main goal is emphasizing the role of women in business, their achievements, difficulties and challenges.

Providing required access to resources and support of female entrepreneurs is key to ensuring women’s economic participation, and closing the gender gap. Therefore, the forum presents the exchange of knowledge, experience, and connectivity among female business owners, setting the stage for new opportunities and promoting social dialog among women entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The forum will be divided into three sections. In the first section, women in society will be discussed, exploring the role of women in Georgian society’s economic growth, and social and economic empowerment of women at the community level; the second part is centered around women as entrepreneurs. Facts and statistics explaining how risks during starting new business can be reduced; a guide for startups to obtain financial resources will also be presented. The final section, women as top managers, will review the role of women in managing businesses. Every part includes inspiring success stories of women, that may become additional motivation for presented audience.

Participants in the conclusion will have the opportunity to engage in a panel discussion, ask questions and receive useful information.

“The forum is an important platform for businesswomen in Georgia, because during the event, as well as of introducing inspirational role models, participants will receive useful information about programs, grant opportunities and governmental initiatives that will help and empower delegates with the knowledge and skills to grow their business and develop their career. We hope to be facilitators in helping women to achieve their ambitions regardless of what sector or size of business they are in,” said Ana Gogishvili, General Director of BUSINESS GEORGIA.

The forum will represent more than 300 participants, including high level government officials, nongovernmental organizations, commercial and international sectors, women entrepreneurs and successful start-ups.

By conducting similar business forums, BUSINESS GEORGIA intends to show the situation and business environment in Georgia, and provide all interested parties with relevant information and support those who are involved in the process of forming the business climate for strategic business development in the country. (