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Georgia-US deal to jointly prevent terrorism

By Messenger Staff
Friday, June 30
Georgia’s State Security Service and the US Terrorist Screening Center signed an intergovernmental agreement today to prevent and address terrorism through a series of joint efforts.

The agreement on the Exchange of Terrorist Screening Information was signed by Charles H. Kable, Director of US FBI Terrorist Screening Center, and Irakli Chimakadze, the head of the Counterterrorist Center of the State Security Service of Georgia.

“The conclusion of this agreement will further joint efforts and enhance cooperation between Georgian and USA to prevent and address terrorism.

“Furthermore, it will create solid legal basis for developing direct, secure and rapid communication system in the field of exchanging terrorist screening information between the relevant agencies of our two countries,” Georgia’s State Security Service wrote.

A signing ceremony was held during the official visit of a US FBI Terrorist Screening Center delegation to Georgia.

The delegation also included Charles C. Choi, Chief Counsel at Terrorist Screening Center, and Kathleen M. Noyes, Senior Policy Advisor at Terrorist Screening Center.

Such agreements will support Georgia’s relevant bodies to be in line with high standards in fighting terrorism, an issue which is a cancer upon the civilized world.

However, no one in the modern world can be safe form the threat.

The United States has years of experience in fighting terrorism and is ever on the alert to future threats.

Sharing their experience is very valuable for Georgia.

It is also in the interests of the developed world, Georgia, which has an important geopolitical location, not to become a transit route for terrorists.

Having a skilled partner in the region who will be able to prevent terrorist risks is in the interests of the US, as well as for other nations who are under the terrorist threat.