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First data on polluters released

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, July 4
The inspectors tasked with combating environmental pollution have fined 926 people in Georgia’s capital since April 20 this year, out of which 384 were citizens of foreign countries.

The total amount of fines reached 106,820 GEL.

The inspectors fined 882 physical and 44 legal entities for polluting the environment.

The inspectors first appeared on Tbilisi streets at the beginning of April this year, and stated that for the first 20 days they would only inform the population about pollution, its damaging effects and the amount of fine they will face in case they drop litter.

A company, Tbilservice Group, is behind the project.

Citizens who contaminate the city with household waste amounting to around 2 kilograms are fined with 80 GEL.

Cigarette butts are included in this category.

If garbage is more than 2 kilograms, the fine grows to 150 GEL.

The supervisory officials will fine both legal and physical entities who throw garbage in the streets.

If a dog or other domestic animal contaminates the streets or parks with faecal matter, the owner will be fined with 50 GEL if he/she refuses to clean the area.

Persons contaminating the environment with construction materials are fined with 200 GEL, and legal entities with 500 GEL.

When contaminating the streets with construction waste, physical entities are fined with 500 GEL and legal entities with 1500 GEL. When violating the rules for a second time, the fine doubles.

Only 20 inspectors are involved in the project, ten men and ten women.