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What is analysis-based policing?

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, July 13
Georgia’s Interior Ministry is familiarizing European experts with the Georgian model of analysis-based police activities, which, unlike the current model, refers to more expanded efforts for crime prevention.

“We started elaborating on the model from the end of 2015,” Mgebrishvili told European experts in Tbilisi, who attended the Ministry’s international conference, “Analysis-Based Police Activities: A Way for Smarter Police.”

The Minister stressed that the analysis-based model has been activated in three different police departments as a pilot program since autumn 2016 and “the outcomes were impressive.”

He stated the Ministry trained and employed 40 analyzers, who received relevant theoretical and practical knowledge at the police academy.

“We plan to introduce the analyses-based police activities model in all police departments in Georgia in the near future,” the Minister announced.

The Minister claims that new equipment and systems for police will also help fast investigation of crimes.

The analysis-based concept in Georgian police is financially supported by the EU.

The fact that the police are moving to a new system aimed at preventing crime is of course welcomed.

The police enjoy high trust in Georgia and this big achievement, provided under the United National Movement leadership, must be maintained and developed.

Georgians still very needs strict but fair police officers, as it lacks a number of responsibilities that are present in many developed countries.

It is very hard to settle problems of petty crime which occur due to culture and mentality (such as driving violations or violence against women) in several days.

However, step by step, through information campaigns, high fines and relevant enforcement, everything is achievable.