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Embassy of Turkey in Tbilisi commemorating July 15 coup attempt

Monday, July 17
Turkey is commemorating the July 15 coup attempt by Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) of 2016.

Special commemoration events will also be held at symbolic spots where the most groundbreaking incidents took place during the coup night in Turkey.

An event was held in Turkish Embassy in Tbilisi on July 14, 2017. Zeki Levent Gumrukcu, the Ambassador told the story behind the day, the speech was followed by question and answer session with journalists.

The exhibition was organized by Anadolu Agency in the same building, highlighting the most striking moments of the coup attempt.

Last year, on July 15, the group within the Turkish Army associated with the FETO attempted a coup in Turkey, which claimed the lives of 249 people and nearly 2193 people were injured. FETO group nesting within the Turkish army used Turkish fighter jets, tanks and helicopters. FETO bombed the presidential palace, parliament, police and public buildings. The group also tried to assassinate the president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The Gulen movement is an Islamic transnational religious and social movement led by Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen, who has lived in the United States since 1999. Since 11 December 2015 the Gulen movement is classified as a terrorist organization by Turkey under the assigned names Gulenist Terror Organisation (Fethullahci Teror Orgutu, FETO). This organization was hiding behind the religious and educational motives. The terrorist group is also known for its network of hundreds of schools around the world.

In Georgia, by the decision of Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia two secondary schools have been closed down that became known to have links with FETO organization.

IN her speech on July 15, Turkish Ambassador talked about the dismissal of a lot of employed people. According to her, the Turkish government wanted to clean the bureaucracy, avoid and get rid of the members of FETO.

Zeki Levent Gumrukcu also talked about Turkey and European Union (EU). He said that the priority for Turkey is to enter the EU, but the stretching of the adhesion process is a loss for the both sides.

He noted that Turkey is economically well-developed and that it would be a step forward for EU, too.