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Welcome to Batumi!

By Mariam Chanishvili
Tuesday, July 18
The days are getting longer, the sun is getting warmer. Summer is right around the corner — and so are Georgia’s top cultural seaside cities to visit. There’s nothing like laying on a beach, enjoying the sun.

While at night, attending one of the most fashionable jazz festivals near the seaside is also an option.

One of the most beautiful regions in Georgia, Adjara is located in the Southwest of Georgia on the Black Sea coastline. Turkey borders Adjara from the South.

Adjara is home to beautiful beaches of Batumi, Sarpi, Kobuleti , Kvariati and etc.

July-August is the time when beaches are most crowded here.

Batumi –summer vacation place for a lot of Georgians has become more popular over the recent years. The city offers different types of cultural activities. Rich with its tourist sights and attractions, Batumi is ready for the summer tourist flow.

Batumi offers different types of activities, such as concerts, gambling, wine tours, sightseeing, dolphin shows, beaches, nightlife, hiking in mountains, camping, etc.

After arriving to Batumi, one can rent a car or use Batum Velo – bicycle rental service for transportation. The city is very accessible with its airport and train station.

“It a hidden gem, its squares and narrow streets remind me of Nice,” said one of the American tourists visiting Batumi.

Batumi is considered to be a safe place for international tourists too.

For many students from Tbilisi, Batumi offers a cheap option for vacation. Because it is easily accessible and students have a discount on train tickets, a lot of them enjoy Batumi seaside in summer, while being on holidays.

Anano Margebadze, student at Free University in Tbilisi, says: “Batumi has become a fashion trend. Each summer, the youth from Tbilisi gathers there meeting each other in the Boulevard. “

Each summer, Batumi hosts numerous international concerts and festivals; this is why it has become a cultural center of Georgia.

A big number of Georgians go to Adjara just to attend the Black Sea Jazz Festival.

The Black Sea Jazz Festival is a festival held annually, traditionally in July, in Batumi, which, along with Tbilisi Jazz Festival, is one of the country's main musical events. The Festival was founded in 2007 and has hosted both Georgian and international performers as diverse as Snoop Dog, Al Jarreau, The Prodigy etc. This year, the festival will be hosting Joss Stone, Jamiroquai, De La Soul.

The Black Sea Arena, located in Shekvetili resort town was officially launched last summer. It was designed by the German architects Drei Architekten. It can accommodate about 10,000 spectators on circular grandstands.

Construction was funded by the Cartu Charity Foundation. In order to facilitate the access to the Black Sea Arena in Shekvetili for the spectators, the Cartu Bank financed the construction of the station near the venue. The special STADLER types of trains were supplied.

The venue has already hosted international artists including The Scorpions, Christina Aguilera, Vanessa Mae, and Aerosmith.

The British singer with Georgian roots Katie Melua will be performing on Black Sea Arena on July 23. The show concert is called “Summer Fest.”

Later, in autumn, it is planned that Elton John will perform at the same venue.

Apart from the concerts, there is much more to see in Batumi.

Batumi Dolphinarium opened a pause in 2011. The first dolphinarium in the seaside town started to work in 1975. It presents a new interactive show to its guests. The amphitheater of the dolphinarium consists of 4 sectors and can host up to 795 spectators. The infrastructure includes elevators and wheelchair ramps for the disabled.

While visiting in Batumi, one should definitely take a cable car ride at the Entertaining center Argo, which is located on Anuria Mountain, 250 meters high from the sea level. The complex offers spectacular views of Batumi, the Black Sea and the surrounding mountains. The center comprises of restaurants, cafes, retail shops, open air halls, and roof terraces.

The area is very popular among Eco Tourists who are tasting local dishes, listening to folk music, visiting historical sights and enjoying protected areas.

Adjarian Mountains is the place where you can escape the summer heat. At the same time, it is very close to the beach.

There are several protected areas in Adjara. One of the most famous parks is Mtirala National Park. At 1381 meters above the sea level, it is the rainiest territory in Georgia. No wonder "mtirala" means "weeping" in English.

There are 95 flora and fauna species within Mtirala National Park. 23 animal species are included in the Red List of Georgia.

One can also enjoy zip lining in the park.

Adjarian food is unique and interesting. Tourists can taste dishes and wine while visiting and having wine tour in Adjara highlands. The route in Khelvachauri starts from “Adjarian Wine House” and ends with the degustation of Aladasturi, Ojaleshi and other different types of wine.

Adjarian Wine House was established in 2010. It is a small winery with at a beautiful location and a 15 minute-drive from the capital of Adjara, Batumi. It was built on the ruins of the 18th century historical winery.

The Adjarian Wine House had quite a few prominent guests, among them, Christina Aguilera visited the place last year.

Batumi also offers yacht trips that are unforgettable with an amazing view, as well as rafting along the rivers: Machakhlis Tskali, Chorokhi, Adjaristskali.

Looks like Batumi is one of the most appealing summer destinations for everyone this year, isn’t it?