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New infrastructure for protected area

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, July 18
The Kobuleti and Kintrishi protected areas in western Georgia, which are of international importance, welcomed new infrastructure which is being built through local and foreign support.

The protected areas now have new administration building, a visitor center, an exhibition hall, four hotel rooms and a café.

The infrastructure was arranged by the financial support of the Kolkheti Protected Areas Development Fund and German Reconstruction and Development Bank.

The Kobuleti Protected Areas were established in order to save unique waterfowl habitat wetland ecosystems of international importance, as natural heritage of high values, which have been recognized by the Ramsar Convention.

The wetlands are located in seaside Adjara autonomous republic, include north-eastern part of Kobuleti coastal plain and are distinguished by diversity of birds and plants.

The Kobuleti Protected Area is an important habitat for migrating, nesting and wintering water bird species. Existing species are of great interest to botanists: the white sphagnum moss and carnivorous drosera.

The Kintrishi Protected Area is located in Kobuleti Municipality with a total area of 13,893 ha.

It is located in picturesque valley of the river Kintrishi, between village Tskhemvani and Khino Mountains, at an altitude of 300-2,500 meters above the sea level.

The Protected Landscape was established in 2007 on the basis of Kintrishi State Nature Reserve: the total area of nature reserve is 10,703 ha, and protected landscape amounts to 3,190 ha. Kintrishi PAs offers their visitors two tourist trails, both on foot and on horseback.