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New queue management system at Sarpi customs checkpoint

Wednesday, July 19
A queue management system has been launched at the Sarpi customs checkpoint, located in the south-west of Georgia on the border with Turkey to increase the trade flow capacity and improve the transit potential of Georgia.

“From July 5 all kinds of trucks passing through the customs checkpoint of Sarpi, regardless of whether it is empty or loaded, will be obliged to be parked at the autoparks of the Khelvachauri region, from where the queue management system allows the movement of vehicles to be carried out smoothly at the Sarpi customs checkpoint,” announced Revenue Service.

The Revenue Service warned that those vehicles which will not be registered in the system and leave the Khelvachauri autoparks of their own accord will not be permitted to cross the border.

Georgia’s Finance Minister DimitryKumsishvili said the large trucks constantly faced problems at the Sarpi customs checkpoint and it was necessary to offer them an organised queue management system to cross the checkpoint on time.

“Georgia’s Finance Ministry together with the Economy Ministry have developed the special program as a result of which the queue is already organised. The Revenue Service of Finance Ministry together with the Patrol Police will manage the queue management system,” said Kumsishili.

A total of 66,000 trucks have driven in and 37,000 trucks have drive out of the Sarpi customs checkpoint so far this year, announced the Revenue Service.

During the same time, the Sarpi customs checkpoint served more than one million private entities.

This autumn, the Sarpi customs checkpoint will begin its rehabilitation, which is due to be completed in Spring 2018. (