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Tbilisi Residents will soon enjoy more recreational zones

By Mariam Chanishvili
Friday, August 4
The territory of Vake Park, which was founded in 1946, and has gained historical significance for the residents of Tbilisi will soon be extended and merged with the area of Turtle Lake.

According to Mayor of Tbilisi, David Narmania, the park will receive a status of the cultural heritage. Nowadays, the area of Vake Park is 18 hectares, after the merge it will be up to 34 hectares.

“We are going to make another good and important decision for the city – the expansion of the Vake Park territory. In more detail, the park will be merged with the Turtle Lake and the whole area will receive the status of Cultural Heritage,” said Narmania.

The Mayor also noted that about 10 thousand square meters of Digomi Forest Park will be returned to the city from the private investor. One of the objectives is to maintain Digomi Forest Park. In 2006, the territory regained its recreational status.

“I have fulfilled one of my pre-election promises by starting the redemption of Digomi Forest Park in order to return this space back to the citizens and to Tbilisi,” said Narmania.

According to specialists, the Mtkvari riverside should become one big continuous green area. Construction works are to start soon.

Unless the Mtkvari riverside, which still has kept its original form, does not become part of the recreational zone, it will be replaced by new infrastructure and as a result will lose its view, specialists say.

According to the ecologist, Temur Napetvaridze, the idea is “very beneficial,” however, the issue of transportation on the riverside should be thoroughly considered. .

“As for the suburbs, the riverside is less developed and there is more possibility to create a green area. It is important that the area does not become a construction site,” said Napetvaridze. “The River Mtkvari is a ventilation channel for the city; it promotes the airflow and constructing high buildings will block it,” he added.

It is also considered to move the Eliava Market to another part of the city with a motive that a big number of residents suffering from respiratory illnesses reside in that part of the city. Another plan is to build a green boulevard from the area of 300 Aragveli metro station to Metekhi church. This might cause some traffic problems, but it is said the project includes the creation of special routes in order to facilitate the traffic.

Tbilisi Mayor’s Office also plans to reconstruct cable cars that are functioning since the Soviet era in the city.

Specialists, say, apart from the creation of more recreational zones, it is equally important to raise awareness of public about their role on supporting and maintaining the eco-friendly environment.