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To eliminate accident risks

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, August 8
The Chair of Roads Department of Georgia, Giorgi Seturidze, said that after transforming the Kutaisi bypass road into one-sided road, no road accidents have been reported.

Seturidze explains that one-way movement on the Kutaisi bypass road was precisely defined for security and the reduction of road accidents on this section.

“There were many traffic accidents on this section of the road, which left many people dead or injured, so we decided to take additional safety measures,” he said.

He underlined that the decision to make movement one-sided has eliminated frequent road accidents on this section.

“Since we completed the works on this section in July, not even one road accident has been recorded,” Seturidze stated.

He added that Kutaisi bypass section is 40 kilometers long and as the road is new, the majority of drivers used to exceed the speed limit which caused many accidents.

“The majority of accidents used to happen at nights. The situation was not even improved when we added lights to this section. Later we closed the road at nights but the accidents would still happen during the daytime, so we had to transform the road,” Seturidze says.

The Chair of Roads Department says that despite the allowed maximum speed of 90 km/h, the drivers did not obey the rules and still exceeded the speed limit.

Seturidze has not specified how long the one sided-regime will be maintained at this section, but he added that two more lines will be added to bypass in the future.

“The projecting process of these two road lines will be finished by the end of this year which is an unprecedented decision of the government. At the beginning of next year we will announce a tender and start building two additional lines," Seturidze said.