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Wednesday, August 9
Grigol Vashadze: Vladimir Putin's visit to occupied Abkhazia is tragic and looks ridiculous

According to one of the leaders of the United National Movement, Grigo lVashadze, Vladimir Putin's visit to occupied Abkhazia is ‘tragic and looks ridiculous.

“The Vice President of the United States of America arrived in Georgia and it drew the world's attention. The Russian Federation has allies such as Abkhazia, and so Putin visits Sokhumi. It is comical and tragic at the same time – the occupant Russian President going to occupied Abkhazia," Grigol Vashadze said.

The press service of the party spread the comments of Grigol Vashadze. (ipn)

,b>Georgian Defence Minister, NATO Core Team leader discuss Substantial Package

The implementation of the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package has been in focus at today’s meeting between Georgian Defence Minister LevanIzoria and new leader of the NATO Core Team, Stephan Annghoefer.

The pair met in Tbilisi on August 7.

The Defence Ministry said in a press release following the meeting that the officials discussed details of future cooperation.

Izoria said that NATO-Georgia cooperation has registered immense progress in two directions, namely the operation of the NATO-Georgian Joint Training and Evaluation Center and the Defence Institution School.

"Our cooperation will intensify in the future in these two directions; as for other initiatives within the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package, they will be synchronised and we will do our best to achieve the ultimate result – Georgia’s integration into NATO,” Izoria said.

NATO introduced its "substantial package” to Georgia in 2014. Along with boosting Georgia's defence capabilities and NATO interoperability, the package is to advance Georgia on its track to become a NATO member state.

Georgia has announced that currently one of its key priorities is to effectively implement (with the direct involvement and significant support of the NATO member states) all elements envisaged by the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package.

Two years ago, the NATO Core Team was established within the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package, which coordinates and supervises the effective implementation process of existing initiatives envisaged by the Package. (

BDO Solutions accomplished SAP Business One implementation project in Anaklia

BDO Solutions has successfully completed the major SAP Business One implementation project for Anaklia Development Consortium (ADC).

BDO and ADC teams have been working on the project intending to provide robust technological platform to manage construction and development of the port and related operations. Specific modules introduced in ADC’s system are Assets & Inventory, Procurement, Financial Accounting & Reporting, Settlements and Payroll.

“We knew what we wanted when we opted for SAP Business One here at Anaklia,” says ZurabPichkhaia, CFO. “Complete operational visibility and control, integration with common systems and laws and potential for strong analytics on SAP HANA platform along with BDO Solutions’ experience in the field, were the drivers in our decision to work with them on this project. Dedicated BDO team turned out to be very helpful and comfortable to work with. We have yet to uncover more benefits of SAP as we go, which I have seen this whole period, are integrally available in the software once you identify the need to use them.”

Designed to meet the tailored needs of growing businesses such as the Anaklia Development Consortium SAP, Business One quickly after adoption demonstrates the measurable benefits of using an integrated ERP application, including:

• Targeted business growth through streamlined operations

• Operational efficiency achieved by eliminating redundant and manual data entry errors with integrated core functionality

• Closer relationships with key stakeholders including vendors and employees through better supply chain management

• Lower technology costs and speed time to value

For businesses in the construction and real estate sector, SAP Business One is an intelligent solution for proper integration of key business areas from financials and accounting to inventory and procurement, to provide clear visibility into entire business. By capturing data into a single centralized location, the business can access critical real-time information to make fast, informed decisions.

BDO Solutions provides ongoing support to the Anaklia Development Consortium for the smooth deployment of all SAP B1 modules integrated so far.

BDO Solutions is a successful market player in software developments, active since 2004. Since 2016, BDO Solutions is a member of the international BDO network of accounting and business advisory firms and shares the core principles of global brand in provision of exceptional client service

With over thirteen years experience in the field, BDO Solutions is the partner of SAP – a leading software corporation worldwide as well as the first and the largest partner of 1C in Georgia, holding exclusive rights for translating and adapting the 1C platform for the Georgian market. (ipn)