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How many Georgians were deported this year?

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, August 10
The Ministry of Internal affairs of Georgia stated that 1,760 Georgian citizens have been deported from various countries in the first six months of 2017.

The majority– 874 people – were deported from Turkey.

This was followed by Germany with 206 Georgian citizens deported, and Israel where 200 Georgians had to leave the country.

Russia deported 78, France 56, and Greece 37 Georgian nationals.

The Ministry also declared the number of foreign citizens who were refused entry into Georgia in the same period.

The statistics show that 2,922 foreigners were denied entry at the Georgian border.

Of these, 571 were Indians, 492 were Turkish nationals, 230 were Russians, 175 were from Syria and 171 were Uzbek citizens.

The remainder were from different countries.

The figures revealed by the Ministry are not very high, but the number is of course very far from the real number of Georgian illegal migrants in various foreign nations.

The Georgians in many cases are the main source of income for their families here in Georgia.

The country still is not ready to offer adequate living conditions to many of its people, which force many to live and work illegally abroad.

There are many cases as well when the illegal migrants fail to find jobs abroad and become engaged in crime, which has a negative influence on the country’s image.

This could be prevented by the government providing a better economic situation and the possibility of employment in Georgia, but this is unlikely to come to pass in the near future.