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Ozurgeti Garment to Sew ZARA, MANGO, Bershka, Massimo Dutti Jeans Wear

Friday, August 11
Jeans wear of ZARA, MANGO, Bershka, Masimo Massimo Dutti and other famous brands will be sewed in Ozurgeti, in the Guria Region.

The clothes factory will open in Ozurgeti. A Turkish company, Baykanlar, will invest 2mln GEL initially and employ 300 persons. In three years, the Turkish company will ensure a full sewing cycle, investment volume will increase to 15mln USD and about 1500 persons will be employed.

Concerning the issue, Guria Governor Gia Salukvadze and Ozurgeti Mayor Beglar Sioridze met with LLC Ozurgeti Garment founder Osman Baikan and the company director Hakan Chobanoglu.

Together they saw the current infrastructure in Ozurgeti and possible places to build the plant. The selected real estate was explored. As a result of intense cooperation between the Region’s administration and the Turkish party, the decision has been taken on opening the factory.

Ozurgeti Garment has been already registered in Georgia, and the company has applied to the Ministry of Economy for transferring real estate as part of the Produce in Georgia program. The agreement will be officially signed in several days.

“We arrived in Georgia a month ago. In Ozurgeti we explored the existing territories, selected a former tea factory territory for opening a clothes factory to sew jeans and export products to various European countries to customer companies such as ZARA, MANGO, Bershka, Massimo Dutti and other branded companies.

“The factory will launch operation in 2018. Initially, only a sewing line will operate in Ozurgeti, while a full sewing cycle will be arranged in three years. Investment volume will rise to 15mln USD and about 1500 persons will be employed. We would like to express our special gratitude to the Governor, who has provided overall support to us,” the LLC Ozurgeti Garment founder noted. (