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Georgia receives $130m in remittances in July 2017

Thursday, August 17
Georgia received 20.1 percent more in remittances in July of 2017 than the same time period last year.

The majority of remittances came from Russia, the United States and Italy.

Last month Georgia received $43.1 million in remittances from Russia, $12.7 million from the US and $12.1 million from Italy, reported the National Bank of Georgia (NBG).

Overall Georgia received $120.9 million from abroad in July 2017. The vast majority (92.3 percent) of all money transfers from abroad came from 13 countries.

After Russia, the US and Italy, other countries regularly sending money transfers to Georgia in July 2017 included:
Greece $10.6 million
Israel - $10.5 million
Turkey - $9.3 million
Spain - $3.5 million
Germany $2.8 million
Ukraine - $2.3 million
United Kingdom - $1.5 million
Kazakhstan -$1.3 million
Azerbaijan - $1.1 million
France - $1 million

Remittances leaving Georgia totalled $15.8 million in July 2017. (