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Georgian Language Available on Google’s Voice Recognition System

By Mariam Chanishvili
Thursday, August 17
Georgian language is now available on Google’s voice recognition system. 30 new languages have been added to Google’s voice recognition system recently.

For numerous nations, it is not very important and notable fact to find their language in Google’s search engine, but the event was given big significance and happily accepted in the Georgian society. Now Georgians do not have to speak in English, Russian or even in other languages, to understand the weather, to see the news and etc.

In addition, to the Google search engine, the Georgian language is added to the Gboard keyboard.

To enable Georgian Language in Google application, you must go to Settings> Voice> Languages (Languages) and select only Georgian. You can also install Georgian as the main language and install English or Russian as a second language.

Apart from Georgian, other languages, such as Armenian, Cornelius Indian, Ethiopian, Tamili have been added.

The company says that it works with native speakers to collect speech samples by asking them to read common phrases. This, in turn, helped to train Google’s machine learning models to better understand the sounds and words of the new languages to improve their accuracy when they were exposed to more examples over time.

Google also has a Translate Community. Anyone from all around the world can help improve Google Translate for the languages they speak. Contributing to Translate Community will help people around the world understand their language a little better. One can translate, validate and share.

Internet has become an indivisible part of the society. The most vociferous Internet users are by far persons from 18 to 35 year olds.