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Georgia looks to further develop renewable energy

Monday, August 21
Georgia is taking actions to further utilize renewable energy and meet the requirements of the European Union’s renewable energy directive.

In particular, the Georgian authorities are discussing the possibilities of using biomass energy, especially in the agriculture industry.

For this reason, Energy Minister Ilia Eloshvili held a working meeting last week on this topic, where the Agriculture and Environment Ministries, representatives from non-governmental organisations, experts and the President of Lithuania’s Biomass Energy Association were invited.

“There is a large amount of solid residual biomass that can be used for the production of modern solid biofuel, which will largely cover the need for heating in the regions. This biomass includes agricultural wastes, forestry and timber processing and other wastes,” reads the press release from the Ministry of Energy.

Now the authorities are working on an action plan to receive benefits from the above-mentioned waste.

The benefits are numerous, and will help Georgia to eliminate the illegal cutting of wood and help with the country’s ecological crisis, as it will be possible to replace wood with biofuel.

As a result, it will improve the living conditions of people in rural areas and support development of small businesses, says the Ministry of Energy.