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Useless allegations over constitution

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, August 29
The Georgian Dream majority and the opposition continue to repeat themselves over the planned constitutional changes without achieving any outcomes.

Parliament Speaker Irakli Kobakhidze says if the opposition manages to write down the points they wish to see in the amended constitution a dialogue may continue.

The fact is that several days ago the opposition wrote down the changes, stressing two major demands.

One of the demands concerns moving to fully proportional elections from 2020 and the direct election of the President.

The majority claims that they are ready for dialogue and accuse the opposition of disrupting the process.

“We hear controversial statements from the opposition,” Kobakhidze stated yesterday.

The Georgian opposition may not be unanimous on a range of other issues, but they are mostly agreed on the constitutional changes.

All the opposition parties’ stress that they want proportional elections from 2020 and believe that the President must be elected by the people and not by a special council.

All this means that the ruling party and the opposition are simply repeating their positions over the planned changes without reaching an agreement.

This failure is more likely to be the fault of the ruling party and not the opposition, as the opposition is very clear in their demands.

As it appears, the ruling team is trying to show the international community that the opposition is a key obstacle for a consensus.

The constitutional amendments were initiated by the current ruling party, as they believed the constitutional changes in 2010 under the United National Movement authorities created a range of controversies and misbalance between different state institutions.