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Detained City Council member says his arrest was political

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, August 29
Detained Tbilisi City Council member Zurab Neparidze says his detention for an alleged briberywas politically motivated and states he will appeal Tbilisi City Court’s verdict over him being sent to pre-trial detention.

Under the decision of Tbilisi City Court, Neparidze and his co-worker Ana Menteshashvili have been sentenced to a three-month pre-trial detention.

Neparidze faces bribery charges and 11-15 years in jail if convicted.

Tbilisi Mayor David Narmania excludes the possibility of a political motive in Neparidze’s detention, as the latter “was not an influential political figure.”

“He has never been distinguished with an active political life,” Narmania said.

He stressed the court and an investigation would establish the truth over the case.

The State Security Service of Georgia launched an investigation against the City Council member based on an appeal of Neparidze’s bureau’s female representative, who claimed the detainee was illegally taking part of her salary.

Neparidze’s lawyer claims that the bureau’sstaff were voluntarily giving a certain amount of money to Neparidze for different activities, as well as for communal expenses.

The prosecution stated that Neparidze’s son confirmed his father’s bribe-taking activity with the investigation.

Neparidze’s lawyer explained that the detainee’s son only confirmed the staff was allocating money for Neparidze’s bureau activities.