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Gomis Mta Becomes Attractive Resort

By Mariam Chanishvili
Wednesday, August 30
“In Gomis Mta resort of Guria April/May means snowed cottages from fairy tales. June means blossom of Yellow Azalea when the resort turns incomparably beautiful in yellow colors mixed with lots of green and white, July and August means people who come here to rest and more fun, also every August, the resort GomisMta holiday is held around the time of transfiguration holiday when the nature starts to change again. In September the resort turns red as bushes of yellow are all red and it starts the new cycle of long winter, lots of snow, abandoned cottages till it comes June again and brings mystic fogs which are similar to the sea waves that hit you and leave you drunk with a strong smell of yellow mountain flowers and then the sun appears again and descends into the Black Sea which is very near from here,” This is how describes Gomis Mta.

Gomis Mta resort is located in Guria region of Georgia, 17km from Ozurgeti at the height of 2100 meters. It is famous for its amazing forests, attractive landscapes, fresh and pure air, cold water, incredible sunset and sunrise views.

Gomis Mta can be the base of some great hiking routes, for example to Bakhmaro. People hire small wooden cottages for several weeks and stay there.

“In several years Gomis Mta will become as attractive resort as many other resorts in our region,” new Governor of Guria Region, Merab Chanukvadze, said.

Chanukvadze stressed that the development of Gomis Mta resort, as well as all other resorts in Guriais the “priority.”

“We have many long-term plans. We take maximum efforts to explore our tourism potential and create entirely new infrastructure in all resorts. Moreover, the municipality has announced a tender for an urbanization plan. We also plan to ensure electricity and gas supply networks there,” Merab Chanukvadze said.

Chanukvadze was appointed as Governor of Guria on August 23.

Kakha Guledani, the Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, presented Chanukvadze to the Guria Regional Administration staff.

Governor of Guria has extensive experience in private and public sectors. In 2013-2014, he served as a first deputy governor. Over the years, Chanukvadze acted as the Ozurgeti Municipality Governor.