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De-facto Leaders of Abkhazia visit Syria and blame US for ‘isolation’

By Tina Tskhovrebadze
Thursday, August 31
Abkhazia, the breakaway region of Georgia, has participated in the 59th International market of Damascus as an “independent country” on August 17-22. Representatives of Abkhazian de facto government and the Syrian side held meetings and made several important statements regarding future cooperation and partnership in the fields of economy and trade. The idea of strengthening parliamentary cooperation was also put forward by exchanging visits among members of parliaments.

De facto Foreign Minister of Abkhazia Daur Kove said as reported by Syrian Arab News Agency “the United States, which is trying to isolate Syria from the international community, is also working to isolate the Republic of Abkhazia, so we must be in a united position to confront all parties that will be against the positions of our two countries.”

According to the Ministry of Finance of Abkhazia, the Abkhazian side hopes for the future cooperation and expresses a desire to sign a Free Trade Agreement with Syria. The role of Abkhazia in a process of transition of some goods from Russia to Syria was also mentioned.

“During our visit to the Damascus International Fair, we witnessed the presence and development of the Syrian economy and we have been introduced to the Syrian goods that are of a high quality, which will be one of the requirements of Abkhazia,” said de facto Minister of Economy, Adgur Ardzinba, as cited by

One of the most important questions this visit has raised is whether Syria will support Russia’s Recognition Policy of Abkhazia and declare the breakaway region of Georgia as an independent state? As it is known, the Government of Russia has strong ties with current Syrian government.

Until now, it is clear that Russia is not playing a fair game and goes on to demonstrate her power by using Georgia’s breakaway region of Abkhazia as a threat to pro-western and pro-NATO aspirations in the South Caucasus.