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Price of Georgian Poultry Meat Increased by 10 tetri

Friday, September 1
A 5-tetri tax on a chicken wing is 6-7% of the total cost, which increases the price of one kilogram of chicken by 10 tetri. However, the new rule will negatively impact companies in financial terms.

Additional regulations launched several days ago for local producers of chicken meat. In particular, by the decree of the Government of Georgia, on August 24, 2017, the National Food Agency approved the terms and fees for service provision, and the deadline for the service provided by the Agency. Among them is poultry meat veterinary inspection, Form N2. The issuance of the relevant document was determined by 5 tetri on 1 chicken wing.

“Now a kilogram chicken is between 4.50 – 5 GEL. The production of chicken meat in all countries is subsidized by the state and is attached to social programs. It does not happen with us, which causes a problem. If we were not VAT payers, it’s wouldn’t hit us that much,” said Nozadze. (