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More tourists, more responsibility

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, September 5
The number of international travelers to Georgia exceeded one million in August, according tothe Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.

The official data reads that 1,080,449 international travelers visited Georgia in August 2017, which is 232,068 more than the figure in the same period of the previous year showing 27.4% of growth.

The number of foreign travelers, or tourists, who spent 24 hours and more in Georgia, reached 573,368 in August, which is 122,721more than the corresponding figure of 2016 and amounts to 27.2% of growth.

According to the data, an unprecedented number of international travelers was observed during the summer season.

As of June and August, 2,729,429 international travelers visited Georgia, which is 597,527 more compared to the summer season of last year (the growth is 28.7%).

As for the number of foreign travelers, or tourists who spent 24 hours or more in Georgia, reached 1,421,031 during the entire summer season, which is 350,168 more than the relevant figure of the June-August period of last year showing 32.7% of growth.

As of January-August 2017, 5,059,106 international travelers visited Georgia, which is 804,263 more than the figure of the same period of the previous year (the growth is 18.9%).

In January-August, the largest number of visitors arrived from neighbouring countries showing the following changes in growth compared to the previous year: Azerbaijan (+ 10.4%), Armenia (+ 16.8%), Russia (+ 33.9%), and Turkey (-6,6%).

The positive trend is maintained from the EU countries: Netherlands + 38%, Germany + 32%, United Kingdom + 31% and France + 29%. The special increasing tendency was observed from the following countries: Saudi Arabia (196%), Kuwait (178%), Iran (142%) and India (99%).

The figures show that the country’s tourism potential is developing and increasing from year to year.

This means that the government must spend more on tourism infrastructure and do its utmost to develop the state economy.