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Thursday, September 7
President Margvelashvili: Georgia’s EU Membership ‘Beneficial’ for Russia

Georgia’s membership in the European Union “would only be beneficial for Russia,” President Giorgi Margvelashvili said at the Economic Forum in Krynica Zdroj in southern Poland on September 5.

Sitting on the “Unfinished Integration and the Aspirations of European Countries” panel alongside Presidents of Poland and Macedonia, Andrzej Duda and Gjorge Ivanov, respectively, President Margvelashvili spoke about Georgia’s European aspirations and its relations with the Russian Federation.

Answering the moderator’s question on whether Georgia feels pressured by Moscow for its European aspirations, President Margvelashvili stated that the country has been “severely punished through occupation” of two of its regions, “through the fact that we have 15% of our population internally displaced,” because of the decision to pursue “free choice” in its external relations.

Margvelashvili also rejected the idea that “the Georgian-Russian tension” emerged in 2008, “when Russia, through its army, occupied parts of Georgia,” as well as the “tendency to link this to Georgia’s aspirations to NATO,” saying Moscow has been conducting hybrid warfare against Georgia since the country restored its independence in early 1990s.

“The reality is that, Russia, through hybrid warfare, something that you are experiencing in Ukraine [now], has been doing this since the beginning of 1990s, after Georgia, splitting from the Soviet Union, declared that it was coming back to its identify of being a European state,” he said.

President Margvelashvili spoke about the future of Georgia-Russia relations as well, saying that the Russian Federation needs to rethink “the paradigm of privileged interest zones” and “come to a rational discussion” with Georgia.

“If we look at Georgian-Russian relations from the perspective of a rational, stable and common sense prism, then we would say that it would only be beneficial for Russia to have Georgia as a member of the European Union, because in that case Georgia would be more stable and economically stronger. It could open up more partnerships with Russia on economic and other issues,” Margvelashvili noted.

The President added that it should also be the goal of the European countries “to bring Russia to a rational political dialogue where you [will] discuss not the myths, emotions, sentiments and nostalgia, but real solutions for our peoples”.

“Eventually, we have to come to a more civilized form of relationships, where we talk not from the perspectives of punishment, of nostalgia, but from the perspective of discussing what could be a better solution for Georgian citizens, for Russian citizens, for Ukrainian citizens,” he also noted. (

Georgia’s and Ukraine’s path to independence is long, difficult and painful – Georgian PM

Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Kvirikashvili has delivered a speech at a reception devoted to the restoration of diplomatic relations between Georgia and Ukraine.

According to the Prime Minister, the path of Georgia and Ukraine leading to independence has been long, difficult and painful.

As he declared, success is achieved only by means of reforms and economic growth as well as devotion to European values and democratic standards during this process.

"It’s a great honor for me to mark Ukraine’s Independence Day together with you. 25 years have passed since Ukraine gained its independence from the Soviet Union. Many Ukrainian generations fought for an independent European state. We all know freedom and democracy must be gained with fighting.

"Our path to independence has been long, difficult and painful. The occupation of our territories undermines the strategic balance in Eastern Europe and threatens security and stability in the Black Sea region.

"I still believe that by means of intensive involvement and firm support of international community we will manage to restore our countries’ territorial integrity.

"Since regaining independence in 1991 Georgia and Ukraine are fighting together to build modern and independent democratic states. We realize that success is achieved only by means of conduction of reforms and economic growth as well as devotion to the European values and democratic standards throughout the process.

"We are well aware of the many challenges ahead but we also believe that today we can cope with them. I would like to congratulate Ukraine on Independence Day!" Kvirikashvili has remarked. (