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Fire localized in Kakheti but still violent in other regions

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, September 8
Georgia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIA) stated that the fire zones in the forest near the village of Artana in the Kakheti region have been localized.

The Minister of Internal Affairs held a special meeting at the regional government headquarters in the Telavi Municipality of Kakheti. Giorgi Mghebrishvili received a detailed report on the process of fire extinguishing efforts in the regions of the country and gave new assignments to the members of the Emergency Headquarters.

The Minister personally became acquainted with firefighting efforts in the forest area of Artana. He said the fire was localized and now liquidation works are underway.

One MIA and one Iranian helicopter are still working at the site. At this time, firefighters and rescuers of the Department of Special Tasks continue to carry out firefighting operations continuously. According to MIA, the units will stay at the site to eliminate the risks of new fires starting.

Kakheti Governor Irakli Kadagishvili says that at present there is no risk of new fires breaking out in the forest.

“New pockets of fire might break out if the wind strengthens. In other cases, there are no risks. At present, the fire is localized,” he stated.

As for the extensive fire in the forest at Shavnabada Mountain in the Khulo Municipality in Adjara, it is reported that more than five hectares of forest have been burnt down.

The MIA reports that around 700 servicemen of the ministry have been sent to the disaster zone. Two helicopters, one Georgian and the other from Turkey, are involved in the firefighting efforts.

New roads have been cut in the forest due to the steep relief of the mountain, where special equipment has been sent near the fire zones.

Firefighters also continue working in the mountain forest near the village of Khakhabo in Tusheti. The firefighters and rescuers have been trying to extinguish a fire there since Saturday.

As for Tbilisi, a fire broke out on Tuesday in the Zahesi settlement of the Gldani-Nadzaladevi District.

Fire spread on the grass and bushes near a populated area, and as reported more than one hectare of land has been burnt.

Nine fire engines and more than 50 firefighters are mobilized at the site. They expect to put out the fire imminently.