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Macron sends letter to Georgia

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Monday, September 11
France’s newly-elected President, Emmanuel Macron, has sent a letter to his Georgian counterpart to mark the 25th anniversary of diplomatic ties.

The letter reads that France and Georgia are developing stable and close relations based on common values.

"France and Georgia celebrate the 25th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations. This is a natural continuation of Georgia's restoration of independence; independence, the protection of which is and has always been the common value that unites us,” the letter reads.

Macron stressed he is committed to France’s continued support for Georgia and hoped that future years would bring the two nations in closer cooperation in all fields.

“I am glad that France and Georgia develop solid and high-level relations based on common values, and I hope that future years will enable our countries to continue dialogue and cooperation in all areas,” the President Macron’s letter said. “I assure you in my full engagement in this process and my loyalty in supporting Georgia and its partnership with the European Union for peace, stability and prosperity of the entire region.”

Macron emphasized that the historical and cultural ties between the two nations, “which enabled our collaboration and military cooperation in the Central African Republic, date back centuries.”

“We strengthen one another and therefore strengthen international peace and security,” the French President stated.

Macron, at the age of 39, became the youngest President in the history of France this year.