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City Hall modernizes metro in Tbilisi

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, September 12
Within the project of the renovation and modernization of Tbilisi’s metro stations, the Tbilisi Transport Company continues to modernize metro carriages with the support of Tbilisi City Hall.

The Mayor’s Office reports that the Tbilisi Transport Company will offer a completely new shape and design of modernized carriages to passengers.

The carriages are being renovated in the factory of the Tbilisi Transport Company.

City Hall reports that within the modernization program, the design of the cabins was changed and this created additional space for the train drivers.

“The drivers’ cabins have been equipped with a modern type of control panel. The interior design and colors of the cabins have also been changed. The old lights in the cabins have changed with new, diode lights, and internal and external surveillance cameras have been installed in wagons,” the statement of City Hall reads.

Furthermore, the statement reads that special monitors and USB connectors for charging mobile devices have been installed in the cabins. Old mechanical and contact details have been also completely replaced by modern ones.

The Mayor of Tbilisi, Davit Nar mania, visited the factory where the cabins are being renovated.

The mayor stated that one train has been totally renovated, which will be functional when the metro’s new University Station becomes operational.

“Preliminary testing of the new train took place. The carriages are modernized and very comfortable. I'm sure the passengers will like it and their travel will be more comfortable than before. Step by step, the modernization of all trains will be carried out,” the Mayor said.

City Hall reports that in 2017, eight carriages with different forms and designs, which are completely renovated and modernized, will serve passengers, of which four are already ready and put into operation. Another four carriages will be ready in early October.

This year, the Tbilisi Transport Company also repaired 16 carriages and the renovation of twelve more cabins is planned this year.