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Wine importers from China visit Georgia to explore local wine

Thursday, September 14
A group of Chinese wine importers and journalists has visited Georgia for a week to learn about the country’s wine and introduce it to Chinese consumers.

The guests will visit local wine-producing companies in various regions of Georgia such as Kartli, Kakheti, Imereti, Guria and Samegrelo where they will be introduced to Georgian winemaking traditions and technologies.

Furthermore, as now the grape harvest is in full swing in Georgia, the guests will also be able to participate in it.

The 13-member group is led by the wine master Debra Meiburg, who is the contractor of the Georgian National Wine Agency.

“I am once again in one of my favourite countries as I want to present Georgian wine to the Asian market. I want to introduce them to the culture that is behind [Georgian] wines, also the people, food and hospitality, character and history that makes these wines so special. I am excited that we are visiting the country during the grape harvest period and are able to taste grapes directly from the vineyards,” said Meiburg.

China remains one of the largest importers of Georgian wine.

Between January and August 2017, over five million bottles of Georgian wine were exported to China, says the Georgian National Wine Agency. This is a 51 percent increase in comparison to the same time period in 2016.

With these numbers, China takes second place as the largest importer of Georgian wine. (