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UK appoints trade representative to Georgia to strengthen economic ties

Tuesday, September 19
The United Kingdom (UK) has appointed a trade representative to Georgia in order to strengthen economic links and boost trade between the two countries.

Mark Pritchard will be the first trade representative of the UK to Georgia whose main goal will be to make trade-investment cooperation between Georgia and the UK more active, announced Georgia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The new trade representative to Georgia will be under the supervision of the UK International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox.

Pritchard will participate in the Wardrop Dialogue, which is scheduled to be held in London this October and which aims at developing and improving the existing trade and economic relations between Georgia and the UK.

The Wardrop Dialogue is named after Sir Oliver Wardrop – Britain’s first Chief Commissioner to Georgia in 1919-1921 who believed in deepening cooperation between the two countries.

Since 2012 the UK has appointed 28 trade representatives to over 50 markets.