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Foreign Ministry warns Georgian citizens buying cars in Europe

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, September 19
Georgia’s Foreign Ministry has released a statement in which they warned Georgian citizens buying cars in Europe and then returning to Georgia via Greece.

The Ministry states that at its checkpoints, Greece demands such cars’ export declaration.

“There were frequent cases when together with other necessary documentation, Georgian drivers do not ask for the document,” Georgia’s Foreign Ministry said.

“The lack of the document results in fines at the Greece-Turley checkpoint,” the Ministry added.

Such declarations are generally issued in the European countries where the cars are bought.

In the case of the absence of the export declaration, Greece issues a fine worth €500.

“In many cases, Georgians have to pay the fine as they do not have information over the obligation,” the Ministry states.

The Ministry stresses that Georgians involved in the car export can obtain more information over the issue on the webpage of Georgia’s General Consulate in Salonica:

From this year, the Government of Georgia also made changes in taxes on imported cars.

Excise tax was increased only on the import of vehicles that are six years old and older.

Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili claimed the change would help the state economy and would also become a positive factor in fighting environmental pollution in the country.

Excise tax was decreased for the import of hybrid cars by 60% and annulled for electronic cars.