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FM: “Georgian should be in active UN agenda”

By Messenger Staff
Friday, September 22
Georgia’s Foreign Minister, Mikheil Janelidze, stated during the UN General Assembly in New York that it is important for Georgian issues to be appropriately discussed in all directions in the UN, and Georgia-related topics present on the organization’s agenda.

The Minister stressed for its part that Georgia was doing its utmost to help the organization reach its goals.

“Georgia is actively involved in fulfilling the UN’s goals, which refer to current challenges in the world,” Janelidze stated.

“We are also active in fulfilling the UN’s sustainable development goals. and Georgia’s progress in this regard is proved by our leadership of the Open Government Partnership,” the Minister said.

Most leaders within the UN and the organization itself are generally vocal over Russia’s actions and the illegalities the country is engaged in worldwide.

The leaders and various national representatives speak about Russia in a negative context with the presence of Russian delegates.

Russian representatives either make counter attacks to such statements or they simply ignore them.

Georgia has no reason to be angry to the international community or influential foreign organizations in their verbal reprimands of Russia.

Almost all the developed countries agree that Russian actions in many parts of Eastern Europe are tantamount to occupation.

However, despite their support, the situation remains unchanged from year to year.

Georgia is still at risk, as the Russians occupy 20 percent of the country’s land and their forces continue their creeping occupation inside the country.

It is dangerous that even supporting political players are not unanimous in their actions to stop Russia’s illegalities.