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Breakaway S. Ossetia plans to have its own representative in European Parliament

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, September 22
Georgia’s breakaway region of South Ossetia will allegedly have its own representative in the European parliament.

The information was released by the Ossetian news agency PEC, which informs that according to the decree of the de facto South Ossetian "parliament", Italian journalist, public figure and former MEP Giulietto Chiesa will represent the interests of the "Republic of South Ossetia" in the European Parliament.

PEC reports that the statement regarding the appointment of Giulietto Chiesa as the representative of de facto South Ossetia was made after the meeting of so-called parliament speaker Peter Gasiev and an Italian delegation.

Giulietto Chiesa said after the meeting that he is glad to be in breakaway South Ossetia.

“A journalist should be able to distinguish the truth and lies and I realized that the truth is on your side. I will continue to defend your position in Europe. Millions of Europeans need to understand the truth about South Ossetia,” he claimed.

Giulietto Chiesa used to be a European parliament member in 2004-2009. He also said that he will organize the delivery of speech of de facto South Ossetian “President” in Brussels.

Officials in Tbilisi commented on the issue, saying the European Parliament and its members firmly support Georgia's territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Georgia says they are sure that private individuals affiliated with Russia will not be able to use the platform of international organizations for their narrow political goals and will not be able to spread propaganda of occupational regimes in such formats.

A comment was also made by the United States Ambassador to Georgia, Ian Kelly, who said that neither the US and nor the Europe recognize the independence of South Ossetia.