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New special decree signed

By Messenger Staff
Monday, September 25
Georgia’s Interior Minister Giorgi Mgebrishvili has issued a special decree which envisages additional obligations and full readiness for police ahead of the upcoming local elections.

The decree stresses the importance of protecting political neutrality by policemen and orders the creation of special responsible groups in all regions to prevent any possible threats of violence or confrontations.

“The groups will be tasked to reveal reasons for possible threats, evaluate risks, plan the activities for police forces and organize their conduction,” the decree reads.

The decree is already in action.

The Interior Minister issued the same decree ahead of last year’s parliamentary elections.

Despite the special readiness of the police, there were several confrontations reported during the elections.

However, the final assessments of the elections of local and foreign observers were positive.

There is a difference in tension compared to last year’s parliamentary elections with the upcoming local elections.

Last year, the main opposition party, the United National Movement, was united, but it has since split into two parties and both factions have little chance of making an impression with voters.

In years prior, the United National Movement was always at the epicenter of confrontations or was a source of tension with the ruling party.

It is more likely that this year’s elections will be calmer, but attention is especially needed in the regions populated by ethnic minorities.

Some forces nearly always manage to stir tension in such regions in the election period or on election day itself.