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Three year old child falls from kindergarten window

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, September 27
An incident has occurred at the Upper Ponichala 206 Kindergarten; a three year old child fell from the second floor window.

The health condition of the injured child is grave. Tinatin Imerlishvili, head of the Pediatric Relations Department of the Ingorokva Clinic, said that the biggest problem at this stage is damage to the lungs.

“The child will have to stay in the intensive care department, because the health condition is stable but grave,” the doctor said, adding that the child is conscious at present.

Marina Gogoladze, Director of the 206 Kindergarten, a teacher and her assistant-teacher have been dismissed due to the incident.

Head of Tbilisi Kindergartens Management Agency Temur Tordinava stated that the incident happened because the teacher and the assistants were not careful and attentive.

“Therefore, I have decided to dismiss the Director. The Deputy Director will work temporarily instead,” Tordinava stressed, adding that the teacher and her assistant have also been fired.

The Monitoring Service has also issued a report regarding the incident, which reads that the negligence of the teacher and her assistant has been proven.

After the incident, an internet petition has been initiated which calls on the Kindergartens Management Agency to install bars on the windows of kindergartens.

Tordinava also made a comment over the petition, saying it is not possible because of fire safety regulations.

However, he said it is possible to consider the installment of movable bars, which will be opened if a fire occurs.

“We have to make a decision not to violate fire safety and room lighting standards, and at the same time to enhance the safety of children,” he added.

As for surveillance cameras, Tordinava says cameras have been installed in 97% of kindergartens and the remaining 3% will be equipped with cameras in the near future.

“Moreover, additional cameras will be installed in the corridors and rooms, except the outdoor perimeters and gardens,” he added.