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Georgia to have 949 million GEL more budget in 2018

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, October 3
Next year, Georgia will see 949 million GEL in its budget compared to 2017.

The funding of the Education, Infrastructure and Health ministries will increase next year, according to Georgia’s draft budget for 2018.

The Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs will get the most funding out of these three ministries. Its budget will increase by 111.2 million GEL and will amount to 3 billion 527 million GEL. Out of this funding, 2 billion 463 million GEL will be spent on social protection and pensions.

As for the Infrastructure and regional Development Ministry, its budget will be increased by 572 million GEL compared to 2017.

Next year, the Ministry of Education and Science budget will be increased by 62.6 million GEL and will amount to 1,178,770,000 GEL.

Moreover, a further three ministries will see reduced funding next year. They are the Defense, Economy and Energy Ministries.

In particular, the funding of the Defense Ministry in 2018 will be 702 million GEL instead of this year’s 748 million Gel.

The funding of the Ministry of Economy will be reduced by 116 million GEL and will amount to 253.8 million.

As for the Energy Ministry, in 2018 it will receive 131 million GEL instead of 132.3 million GEL of 2017.

Also, according to the draft state budget for 2018, 20 million GEL will be allocated for the purchase of anti-fire and rescue equipment.

In 2018, the budget of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be increased by 20 million GEL and reach 605.0 million GEL.

In total, next year Georgia will have a state budget of 12 billion GEL. The first version of the draft state budget for 2018 has been submitted to Parliament. It shows that next year’s budget will total 12,364,500,000 GEL. This is 949 million GEL more than the 2017 budget.