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Sooner or later

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, October 11
NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly condemns Russia’s attempts to intimidate and destabilize its neighbors who try to deepen relations with NATO, the resolution recently adopted by the alliance says.

The resolution supports Georgia.

According to the document, NATO PA supports Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration expressing deep concern over the occupation and militarization of Georgia’s territories, condemns facts of violation of fundamental human rights and attempts of destabilization and intimidation of NATO- aspirant countries by Russia, as well as neighboring countries aiming at deepening relationship with NATO.

Representatives from the alliance member countries have discussed and voted for the resolution ‘Stability and Security in the Black Sea Region’ in Bucharest.

Georgia and Ukraine "sooner or later" can become member states of NATO, but at present they should focus on reforms, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Stoltenberg made this statement at the 63rd annual session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Bucharest, Ukrainian media reported.

He said the Alliance is concerned by Russia’s "military build-up close to our borders.”

"Ukraine and Georgia should focus on reforms. These reforms are important, regardless of whether they become members sooner or later, and regardless of what they think about membership," Stoltenberg said.

Georgia knows well that reforms are essential for the state development and that they would play their role even in case Georgia will not become a NATO member state.

However, the reality is that we need the appreciation of the reforms from the Alliance and the NATO membership “sooner” and “not later.”

Only if Georgia is a member of such a strong organization as NATO may Russia stop its aggression.

Russia has proved many times that it does what it wants and respects neither dialogue nor agreements on peace.