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94 fires in Georgia this summer

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, October 12
Ninety-four cases of fire have been observed throughout Georgia in July and August this year, Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs reports.

The country experienced 12 fires in July, while 82 such cases took place in August.

The agency is still calculating the loss caused by the fires.

It is very obvious that the loss will be big, as hundreds of hectares were burnt.

This was the first time the country had to fight intensive fires in different locations.

Together with the calculation of losses and providing finances to restore the territories destroyed by the fires, it is crucial the Interior Ministry provide the outcomes of the investigation about the causes of the fires.

Many in Georgia believe that the fires were deliberately provoked by some foreign forces or those living in Georgia.

Many people on social networks point at Russia.

However, there are also claims that some people in Georgia are engaged with the illegal cutting down of trees and they deliberately lit fires to hide this wrongdoing. However, these claims do not have enough evidence either.

Natural factors could also be behind the fires, as many Georgians still do not care about the nature and leave bonfires lit in the forests or glass bottles, which can cause fires on very hot days.

The reasons must become clear, as if such fires still emerge they will have a huge negative influence on the country’s nature, ecology, economy and tourism potential.

Even without definite reasons, it is clear that the country requires better forest management and protection systems.