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Kutaisi and Tbilisi Parliament buildings to be rehabilitated

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, October 18
Around 4,5 million Gel will be spent on the reconstruction and rehabilitation works of Tbilisi and Kutaisi buildings of Parliament.

The information was released by the Head of a special commission and MP, Anri Okhanasvili.

Specifically, according to Okhanashvili, it is planned to re-arrange the outside perimeter of Kutaisi Parliament, and to reconstruct the internal spaces of the Tbilisi building.

He added that the Special 18-member Commission, working on the issue, has been created by an order of the Speaker of Parliament.

“The primary and urgent is to dye the exterior facade of the Kutaisi Parliament building. Due to the fact that the water has leaked there, the facade is damaged. This decision has already been received by the Parliamentary Office and the works will start in the nearest future,” said Okhanashvili.

The Head of the Commission also stated that in the yard of the Parliament building of Kutaisi, the car parking is not arranged.

“Drainage and design works also need to be carried out. The area is not adapted for the disabled, which needs to be improved,” he added.

As for the building of the Parliament in Tbilisi, Okhanashvili said, there are several projects being discussed by the commission at present.

“The building is not adapted for people with mobility and visual restrictions – this is one project. Another issue is to arrange a navigation system. We also plan to install tactical trails from the entrance to the elevators and stairs,” he added.

Okhanashvili informed that relevant companies that will carry out the works, will be selected through a competition.

Georgian Speaker of Parliament, Irakli Kobakhidze, also commented on the issue. He said that along the reconstruction of Kutaisi building of Parliament, a park will be arranged at the territory, which will be accessible not only for MPs but for the local population as well.

As for Tbilisi building of Parliament, Kobakhidze said new spaces, including conference halls, will be arranged there.