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Georgian company Badagoni wins case to trademark its wine in China

Friday, October 20
A Georgian wine company, Badagoni, has won an important case to trademark its wine in China, striving to protect the name and quality of its wines from misuse and imitation in the country.

As reported, last year Badagoni applied to register its brand in China, but it was found out that the trademark of Badagoni was already registered there by a Chinese company.

In response, Badagoni filed a suit against the Chinese company at a special agency which reviews disputes on trademark issues and requested the cancellation of the registration of the trademark of Chinese company.

The dispute was resolved in favour of the Georgian side and the registration of the Chinese company was cancelled.

This was the first case of a Georgian company winning trademark dispute in China.

However, last year, thanks to Georgian authorities’ efforts, China recognised the geographical indications of several Georgian wines including Khvanchkara, Tsinandali and Kindzmarauli as well as Georgian Chacha, a strong spirit similar to vodka or brandy which some people refer to as vine vodka, grape vodka, Georgian vodka or Georgian grappa.

By doing this China prohibited the sale of falsely-labelled Georgian-made alcoholic beverages. (