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EU Parliament Vice-President: Georgia is integral part of European civilization

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, October 20
Ryszard Czarnecki , the Vice-President of the European Parliament told Georgian Foreign Minister and Vice-Premier Mikheil Janelidze that he cannot imagine Europe’s political future without Georgia, without the significant place occupied by Georgia in the European political family.

“Georgia is an integral part of the European culture, history and civilization, but we also have to talk about closer political cooperation and intensification of relations,” Czarnecki stated at the meeting in Brussels.

The parties also discussed expectations for the Eastern Partnership summit and cooperation with Georgia.

"I think the future Eastern Partnership summit will be the next step forward for Georgia and other countries. We need to open closer cooperation door not only in the economic sphere, but on the political level," the Vice-President of the European Parliament said.

During his two day visit to Brussels, Janelidze also met European parliamentarians and different political groups.

MEP Laima Andrikiene stated that the EU will do its best to make integration process of Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova with the EU irreversible.

"For a country like Georgia, all the results will be achieved faster," said the MEP.

MEP Andrejs Mamikins said he believes Georgia’s integration with Europe will positively affect the peaceful solution of the conflict on Georgian territories. He also expressed his support towards Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“My colleague Clare Moody and I have many times expressed our solidarity towards Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. I believe one day Abkhazia and Tskhinvali will return to Georgia’s constitutionally defined area,” he added.

Clare Moody, a member of the Group of Friends of Georgia in the European Parliament, stated that Georgia has made significant progress in many directions, making it a leader among the Eastern Partnership countries.

“We support the progress achieved in different directions such as democratization, judicial reform and economic development. In all these directions the European Union has great support for Georgia,” she stated.

While commenting on his visit, Janelidze stated that Georgia has many friends within the European Parliament manifesting itself in the European Parliament’s firm and unconditional support for Georgia on its European Integration path.

He said the European Parliament’s support translated into concrete results when the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament passed its Resolution on recommendations for the Eastern Partnership.

“The Resolution reflects the visions regarding Georgia’s European future, concrete instruments to be employed and practical steps to be taken across the European integration path,” the Minister said.

He expressed the hope that recommendations will be adopted at the European Parliament’s upcoming session in November since Georgia enjoys the support of all political groups.