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Police plans new fines for traffic violations

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, October 26
New fines will be introduced for violating traffic rules.

New norms will be added to the Code of Administrative Offenses, according to which the owner of a vehicle abandoned for more than three months will be fined 50 GEL.

Movement on the bus lane or driving a car on the bicycle lane will be fined 100 GEL.

Driving road without a registration number, internal transit number or TEST number will result in fining of the owner of the vehicle with 100 GEL.

If the registration number, internal transit number or TEST number was stolen from the owner of the vehicle, he will be exempted from the administrative penalty, as well as from transportation and parking costs.

Introducing reasonable fines and their relevant enforcement are crucial to decrease the number of hundreds of road accidents and ensure the order on the streets which will be in line with European standards.

When it comes to driving in the bus or bicycle line, many people could be fined, especially in rush hours, when the roads are so overcrowded that sometimes people abandon their car and go home on foot.

One may think that before introducing strict fines in the capital, it is better to settle the parking problem.

Bicycle lines are excellent of course, in the centre of the city as well, but it is not good enough when you ride a bike and have to breathe air full of toxins and fumes.