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Crimes against Minors

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, November 7
Georgiaís Chief Prosecutorís Office has released a report which claims that including October 31, overall this year 338 juveniles were affected.

Out of the 338, 180 were females and 158 males.

The main reasons causing different damage to the category was because of road accidents, family violence and sexual relationships with juveniles under 16.

The number of those affected by road accidents amounted to about 20 percent, by family violence 18percent, and inappropriate sexual relationships 16percent.

From those facing sex-related crimes, 55 were females and 5 males.

The Prosecutorís Office says that a major reason of the sexual crimes was forcing females to marry, in 95.60percent of cases.

Forcing a female to marry through kidnapping her was one of the main problems in Georgia before thecoming to powerof the United National Movement government into force in 2003.

It is one of the biggest merits of the United National Movement authorities that the number of such cases has been dramatically decreased.

One of the main reasons of the decrease was introducing strong punishments and imprisonment of all the people involved in kidnapping.

The problem still exists in Georgia but there are only a few cases.

However, these few cases must be very strictly responded.

When it comes to road accidents and family violence, currently the two issues are high on the governmentís agenda.

Settling the problems requires the joint involvement of several state bodies and agencies and activities to raise peopleís awareness.