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New Mayor of Tbilisi dislikes smell in underground passages

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, November 8
The New Mayor of Tbilisi, Kakha Kaladze, has ordered the head of the Tbilservice Group, tasked with cleaning services in the city, to begin cleaning the underground passages and equip them with lights.

Kaladze visited the underground passages yesterday and noted that the situation is “critical”.

“It is a very difficult situation…here are some directions: The first thing I want to ask to the head of Tbilservice Group is to start cleaning the underground passages immediately and equip them with lights.By the way, there were electric lights, but everything is damaged and destroyed. People should have the opportunity to use underground passages and move normally," Kaladze said.

Kaladze said that he also ordered the management of the Tbilservice Group to develop a single standard on the underground passages within ten days.

"We know that some of the underground passages in the city have been sold out, some are leased. We do not touch any property. I would just like a single standard to be developed and all owners of the passages to observe it,” said Kaladze.

It is good that the new Mayor takes the metro, walks in the streets and mentions that a there are range of “small” issues which needs to be solved.

It would be better if the former Mayor, who belonged to the same political team as Kaladze, to also have walked and communicated with the people who voted for him.

It will be easy to see if what Kaladze does is just a one-time PR stunt or it is a part of a long-lasting policy.

However, only time will show if the Mayor makes real changes.